Our   Youth   Learn   with   Joy!

Our Fall Festival Was A Blast!


Bailey's Child Development Center provided a fun and safe environment for families to bring their young ones out for a good time.  From the parents and children to the staff, all in attendance had a memorable and enjoyable time!


Golden Dots
Golden Dots
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The materials in the classroom include soft toys, musical boxes, balls, teething toys, pushing and pulling toys, and light blocks for building.

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The activities in the classroom and the materials encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through activities like stringing beads, gluing, and drawing.

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Pre-school children are provided with opportunities to develop social skills like cooperation, negotiation and cognitive skills through materials like puzzles, sorting activities, counting, visits to the public library, building with legos, and playing math games.

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Our pre-kindergarten program gives children a strong foundation in math, science,

language, and art. Laying a solid foundation of cognitive thinking and active learning

helps to create a life-long student.


Our school age program promotes social, educational, and physical growth of all

children in a safe, and structured environment.

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Our Approach

We take pride in giving your child that home-like feeling, and parents the peace of mind that their child is safe and happy.  We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives that come through our doors.  We understand the importance of children having a safe, and nurturing environment in order to thrive now and years to come as they continue their educational journey. Through various community partnerships we’re able to equip our staff, children, and families with the tools and resources needed to be successful in their classrooms and their homes.

What Parents Think

“I wouldn't have my child go anywhere else. When I drop my daughter off she jumps out of my arms because she loves being there. It's like her home away from home. I always get updates and pictures. I would recommend this childcare to anyone who genuinely cares about who's care their child is in!!! Wish it was K-12 love this place!!! Thank you Mrs. Bailey and staff for caring for my child."