Diverse Learning Environments

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Infants enjoy exploring objects around them. They are responsive toward human sounds; they like music and enjoy making sounds with toys. The materials in the classroom include soft toys, musical boxes, balls, teething toys, push and pull toys, and light blocks for building. Some activities provided are floor time for discovery, looking at books, nursery rhymes, outdoor time, tummy time for the younger ones, art activities, sensory experiences, and touching and feeling different textures.

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Toddlers are gaining independence and their physical abilities are more developed. They enjoy jumping, running, and trying to put their clothes on. They learn new vocabulary, they learn to combine words, and they begin to role-play and pretend. They are learning to express their feelings through oral language. The activities in the classroom and the materials encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through activities like stringing beads, gluing, and drawing; they develop communication skills through talking and we encourage them to use words to communicate to others such as singing and chanting nursery rhymes. Their cognitive development is enhanced through language, sorting objects, building with blocks, and working with puzzles, just to name some activities.


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Pre-school children are provided with opportunities to develop social skills like cooperation, negotiation and cognitive skills through materials like puzzles, sorting activities, counting, visits to the public library, building with Legos, and playing math games. Their physical development is being emphasized through outdoor activities like running, jumping, climbing, and the fine motor skills are developed through activities like stringing, drawing, painting, playing with play dough and manipulative toys.

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Our pre-kindergarten program gives children a strong foundation in math, science,

language, and art. Laying a solid foundation of cognitive thinking and active learning

helps to create a life-long student; always ready to learn, grow, and succeed.

As the children advance, they are introduced to more progressive learning activities.

These activities include numbers, addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, and

measurements. They learn the names of each letter and the sounds they represent and

are then able to read books with a few words on a page. We also incorporate a play

component to the classes because children not only need to learn, but they also need to have fun. Music, games, and outdoor time are very important to rounding out

the developmental process.


Our school age program promotes social, educational,

and physical growth of all

children in a safe, and structured environment. One of

Bailey’s primary goals is to ensure

all families have access to affordable, high quality before- and after-school programs.

We also want to positively impact all aspects of the development of children and

youth with opportunities through various academic, physical, and enrichment